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                It has been exactly seven days since I turned 18 (my birthday was on the 31st of May), and I’m little bored since classes haven’t started yet, I decided to write this well uhmm… birthday post, let’s say? But before anything else, I’d like to congratulate Hey! Say! JUMP for the release of their second album yesterday, JUMP World. It’s such a nice album filled with so many wonderful songs *ehem* Boku wa Vampire *ehem*. Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to send my regards to NEWS who’ll be releasing their Best Album next week, the 13th of June. I’m really excited for the release since it will mark their official comeback (though they’ve already announced it last April) of NEWS. It’s not a comeback for me until they’ve released something so until next week. Hoho. :) Okay, moving on. I don’t mean this post to be a fangirl related post so I’ll stop now. Maybe I’ll flail in another post. LOL

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01 January 2012 @ 01:55 am
Happy new year everyone! :)) 2011 is now over. And let's all welcome the new year with a big smile on our faces! I sure did! :)))

I wasn't really planning on watching the livestreaming of the Johnny's Countdown this year but a friend of mine has shared a link and it's just so tempting so I decided to take a shot. I told myself while the video is loading, "My new year will be complete if I see Ryosuke." It was kind of frustrating since the video had to reload and reload over again but in the end, I was able to finally see Arashi performing. I wasn't able to focus, though, since the clock was about to strike twelve that time. I just screen capped everything that I can. :) And when I was losing hope already, thinking that I won't be able to see Ryosuke, there! I saw JUMP performing. Yokotta~ It had really put a big smile on my face. :))

Anyways, happy new year everyone! :))
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27 December 2011 @ 06:38 pm
So finally! :) I was a little bored earlier and since I don't any new drama to watch, I decided to play around with Photoshop and made wallpapers. :) I've been attempting to make them for months now but I'm not really confident with the first ones that I made. Well, it's not like I'm that confident with these three that I'm uploading but at least, I don't think they're that crappy at all. Hihihi. :)) So, here they are! :))

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03 November 2011 @ 12:37 am
As the title says, my livejournal account if under construction again. The whole page is still messy so sorry for the inconvenience. I'll probably get this done in a day or two. :))
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31 October 2011 @ 02:50 pm

(c) jpopasia

This one's going to be a quick post since I don't really plan on doing this post. This one's like a spur of the moment post. :)))

Like what I've said in my previous entry, I'm planning to start getting to know Kanjani8. That decision was made even before Nishikido Ryo left NEWS so Ryo isn't really the reason.

I've been planning to get to know them for months now but this is the only time that I actually started searching about them. I was too lazy before and school work has been tough so getting to know a new Johnny's group would be quite a hard work for me.

So to start the story, this started yesterday when my friend and I are texting each other. She was telling me stories of how fun Kanjani8 was just too funny. (She's not a Kanjani8 fan yet. We're both on the getting to know each them stage now.) So today, when we met, we searched about the group and even started downloading PV's, singles, albums, etc. (OGAD. This is going to be tough since we have a lot of things to catch up with. >.<) And as we were downloading, my friend and I are also looking up for their pictures, trying to identify each one of them. Before this, we already know a few members- Ryo (of course), Yoko, Tacchon, and Hina. With this, we only have three guys left to know- Maru, Subaru and Yasu. (We're already quite familiar with Uchi and what has happened since he was also a member of NEWS before.) At this point, we can already distinguish (Maru) Subaru from the rest of the guys. The ones we were having a hard time with were (Subaru) Maru and Yasu. HAHAHAHA. I know we can distinguish them someday. :)) (EDIT: Now, I get confused with Maru and Subaru's names. OGAD. >.<)

This is all for now. :)) I'll try to make another post about Kanjani8 soon. :)))

AND OH, I have to update my tags since I'll start following Kanjani8 now. :))))



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10 October 2011 @ 07:28 pm
I'll always remember the happy moments, and smile as I reminisce each one of them.
(DISCLAIMER: Photo does not belong to me. Credits to its rightful owner.)

It had been a few days since the news broke about Pi and Ryo leaving NEWS devastated all of the NEWS fans out there. Up until now, I can’t exactly say that I have gotten over it since their farewell came as a big shock to me and I wasn’t really prepared at all. Moreover, something at the back of mind kept telling me that the two would never leave NEWS. But reality tells me otherwise.
Slowly, the fact that Yamapi and Ryo (who happens to be my ichiban and niban, respectively, as well as my OTP) have both left NEWS is sinking in. Tears have stopped falling from my already swollen eyes and slowly, I can start listening to their songs again after trying to avoid listening to NEWS’ songs for a couple of days. Slowly, I came realize a lot of things over the weekend. Slowly, I came to understand and accept their decision, though not yet fully, but I know that someday, I’ll be able to accept it and move on.

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07 October 2011 @ 11:11 pm
Today was supposed to be fun fun day- it's Ikuta Toma's birthday. My friend and I just held a 2- person party to celebrate Toma's birthday. And as I got home earlier tonight, I thought that the day would just end like that. Or so I thought.
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Congratulations to Hey! Say! JUMP for the release of their 8th single- Magic Power! :)

Hey! Say! JUMP is nearly 4 years old now, with their anniversary on the 24th of September. I’m so happy and proud of them that they got to release their 8th single now. :)

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15 September 2011 @ 11:25 pm

(Disclaimer: Original picture is not mine. It belong to their respective owner/s. )

I hope I’m not yet that late to greet NEWS a happy happy 8th birthday! :) (NP: Share- NEWS. My NEWS playlist is on a shuffle and its pure coincidence that Share is playing as I am writing this entry. Awesome! HAHAHA).
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09 September 2011 @ 12:47 am
Yay! I'm finally done customizing my LJ. :D It's not that beautiful or elegant or whatsoever but I'm still fine with it. As long as my background contains Yamapi and Ryosuke, then it should be fine. :D

It's a little bit obvious who my ichibans are, right? Of course, it's Yamashita Tomohisa a.k.a. Yamapi from NEWS and Yamada Ryosuke from Hey! Say! JUMP/NYC. And yeah, I like Yama- guys. HAHAHA. :D It's just pure coincidence, though, that both of their surnames start with Yama-. I didn't plan it out that Ryosuke would be my ichiban in HSJ/NYC 'coz his surname starts with Yama-. And it's also pure coincidence that their member color is red. Maybe, it's just meant for me to like these two guys? LOL.

It always amazes me when I see something that these two guys share in common. Well, sometimes, those things aren't really connected at all, it's just me who makes the connection and suff. HAHA. So anyway, let me share to you a few things that has amazed me.

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Disclaimer: Photos are not mine. They belong to their respective owners. If, in case, these photos belong to you, kindly tell me and I'll be sure to credit it as yours. :D
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